My nieces surprise me often.  Nephews too.  See, I used to spend alot of time with them when they were still "Aunt Caryn… can I paint your nails, do your hair, wanna play trucks." 

Now suddenly one’s married, another’s way mature and godly, one is a parent of three (third one coming) and another is expecting his first… he thinks… if the paternity test proves it.

So, now I’m invited to this High School reunion.  You may wonder why these things are linked.

I knew these people in High School.  True, our first reunion (an unofficial get together Christmas after graduation) was completely wonderful. 

True… we only had 20 some people in our graduating class.

True… I loved them all dearly by that 12th grade year.


They are still 18 in my mind!!!  Heck, I’m still 18 in my mind some days!

If my own nieces and nephews live in a perpetual never never land that exists only in my cerebrum… and I see them at least once in a blue moon… how am I going to deal with strangers with families careers, etc… that are still High School kids? 

Right now I’m on the list as ‘maybe attending’. 

I think that means ‘maybe I’ll screw up the courage to go reintroduce myself to people I don’t know anymore.’

Why do we do class reunions?  I keep in contact (poorly) with approximately 3.5 people from my class.  I don’t even keep in contact with that many of my cousins!!  Isn’t that enough reminiscing?