I’m making some changes to my evening schedule.

Instead of

-Read stories

-Sing songs

-Put kids to bed

Then either:

-Breathe sigh of relief that they are quiet and nodding off (common)

-Go back upstairs once or twice to ‘remind’ them that it is bedtime (fair-to midlin’ chance)

-Holler “Lithany, lay down” into the vent that leads to her room every time I hear her springs squeak (also common)

Now I…

-Put kids to bed

-Read stories

-Read more stories

-Sing songs

-Scold goof-offs

-Sing more songs

-Give reminders

-Sit in their room for two hours

-Finally go to my own bed

Orion and Lithany are now sharing Lithany’s room. The next several weeks will be an interesting study in change. Gradual change.

See the goal is to get Asa, crib and all, out of our room so that we can have our space back…. and so that I can sleep and ignore him when he gets up at six (occasionally four) in the morning, which is hard to do when he’s blowing raspberries and fussing at your from between bars and giving you that “why aren’t you loving me?” look. If I move him to his own room… I don’t have to see the look. And he doesn’t know that I’m AWARE that he’s awake.

So Asa is en route to Orion’s room… Orion has already moved to Lithany’s. I will probably remove the dust bunnies from the under-the-bed area today so that Asa’s crib can be moved tomorrow.

And in the meantime… I’m stuck reading books to myself while tapping deviant limbs that refuse to lie still and/or are busy ‘playing’ with the sibling across the room rather than sleeping.

It’s a good thing… I think. Really, to me it’s not so much about teaching them to sleep in the same room, but rather about how to keep control of yourself when there are others around you who may or may not be abiding by the rules. It’s a study in discipline even when tired. A time to learn to obey when you’re not so inclined because goofing off is more fun than obeying… and to do what is right when no one is watching that will praise you for your efforts (well, eventually no one will be watching.. until then I am the ‘all-seeing eye’.)

My hope is that these goals once achieved will spread over into other areas… like the dining room as just one of many examples.

My hope is that I will develop discipline skills and correct attitudes toward misbehavior while they are developing their disciplined skills and attitudes… and that mine will ALSO carry over to other situations.

My hope is that bedtime will eventually (when Asa is a little older and they all three share a sleeping space) be a routine that can involve all three without six elbows jabbing me for song and story time.

My hope is that this time will be a bonding time between them that will last their entire lives.

My hope is to get more than five hours of sleep at a time.

Just call me hopeful.