Three of us are being incredibly healthy.  I just served Orion, Lithany and I a smoothie with milk, berries, banana, wheat Germ and chocolate Carnation Instant Breakfast.
That’s probably more nutrition than we usually eat in a day. 
Orion’s vote was, “I want Chocolate Milk.”  My ‘eat anything daughter’ downed her ‘smaple’ but left quite a bit of the actual serving behind.  On a taste scale, it gets only about a 6 from me.  The health and filling nature of it covers the ‘take it or leave it’, though.  One repeat customer out of three. 
It took awhile to come up with the next step on our road to healthfulness…. but I think I’ve just been inspired…
My next healthy endeavor will be picking up the baby so he quits eating the crumbs and three day old Cheerios off the floor.
Now where’s my brownie batter?  I think I forgot to lick the last three inches off the bottom of the bowl.