We were blessed to have Matt’s brother visit us for several days. 
Lesson 1: Boys and Girls
One of the first things we realized upon their arrival was that my son is a sissy boy!  Catherine (Caty) merely thunked him a few times and then tried to use his back as a standing up point… I don’t know what his issue was but he spent alot of time fussing and running away from the girls.  They made up later and had many positive interactions… then he started fussing UNTIL he saw Catydid.  Maybe that’s why he’s a crab today.  Seriously, our baby has become a severe whiner which needs to be stopped… I have not yet figured out how to communicate this to a seven month old, but when I do…!
Lesson 2: Never play with the Roberts brothers!
We played alot of Catan (Mike won all the games but one that went to Matt) and Gina and I tried to redeem ourselves by winning at Nasty Canasta but even after we started cheating we lost miserably. 
Lesson 3: Nutrition
Gina has introduced me to the vital components of ‘smoothie’ making.  The first one wasn’t too bad!  I could definitely get used to this.  I wonder if Wheat germ makes it taste better or worse.  We also bought a huge can of nuts to snack on due to her recommendation. 
Lesson 4: Number of Children
Six kids really isn’t much more chaos than three.  We sadly did not get alot of pictures.  Particularly I notice that we missed Tori because she spent alot of time on her own in the backyard.  In fact, they all spent alot of time in the backyard.  We do have a nice video of her kicking the bowling ball down the alley, though.
Lesson 5: Pushups and squats
So… this lady Gina knows has her boys do pushups and squats when they get into trouble.  I think I would enjoy that.  Is it hypocrisy to force such things on a child when you can’t do it yourself?
Lesson 6: Deja vu
We definitely need to do this again.  I wonder how many driving hours between here and San Fran, CA?