To assist in the time-wasting endeavors surrounding blog writers and readers (although there are other purposes… these are the two I will focus on today) and because I think my kids are cute enough to remember but not cute enough to write a bunch of stuff down… only cute enough to type about it… I have here recorded my favorite phrases.

Of all time: "Yes, mommy, Okay, Mommy, Right away, mommy, Love you, mommy."

(No… not wishful thinking. Just highly prompted.)


"Yes, your highness." – Need I give further explanation as to why it’s my favorite? Sometimes letting them

watch TV IS worth it. Just pick a show or DVD with good movie lines like this one.

"Thank you, Mr The Lightning/Mr. The Chick/Mr. The Sally." We like CARS… what CAN we say?

"Can I do it BY ALL myself?" Yes, son I help won’t you all at.

"Mommy, my lips hurt with Cheetos"… hmm… your dumping the last half bag onto your plate was probably not a good idea, then, huh, son?



"Hi. How-ah you? Fine!" No pause for the other person to say Hi, or answer her question or ask "How are you?" and repeated to every person we saw in the store.  Approximately thirty times per visit.  She just assumed they were all vitally interested in her.

And Current:

"I’m a bagel" (I’m a big girl.)

"It’s a nice little day"

"I need sumpin to do!" – mostly said while she’s eating, no less.

When telling stories or repeating back what she’s doing:

"Daniel had to go in the lions EVERY DAY" – "I have to put my shoes away ALL THE TIME!"

{Every day and all the time are HER favorite phrases.}


SHRIEEEKKK (on the inhale)