The Derby is over. I think I’ve found my new favorite-est thoroughbred since Cigar. Big Brown. Check him out. He drew 20… Not a great post position so far from the rail, but apparently it wasn’t a big disadvantage for him. He breaks clean, finds a groove and just settles in for a rest-up. When he broke loose, though… WOW! Just watching that horse pass all the others up gives me a recharged appreciation for creation. He could have run forever. He didn’t even look close to done at the finish line.

My favorite favorite finished fifth. I didn’t think he would win, but I was hoping he’d hit the top three. My other two favorites pulled first and second. (I’m not good at picking A favorite. I just generally have a top three. Since I’m not a gambler, it works out okay.)

Through the whole thing I’m explaining lead changes (no, even though I HAVE been reading a lot of songwriters’ blogs, but this is NOT about songwriting..) and breaking and starting gates and owners and trainers and jockeys and rails to my children who keep looking at me funny and saying “Can we watch a different movie now?” I guess I don’t need to be TOO concerned that they’ll pick up a gambling tendency from my fascination with racing. Two hours of watching people talk about the 2 minute race is, I guess, too much for them.

Tomorrow… I saddle up for another equestrian event. Good times. Good times. Except for my kids. They’d rather watch their Imax Fish movie. Maybe the hunting events will be more interesting. They generally don’t spend so much time talking. I suppose because there isn’t as much betting.

Only three problems with the races.

The biggest problem:

The number two filly collapsed after the finish line and was put down. This is a sad thing that takes a huge chunk of joy out of the race. Even so… I’m trying not to find humor in the fact that Clinton bet on this horse. I’m sure he would have taken her win (which could have happened, perhaps, if there was pain precipitating the breaks in her ankles) as a political omen… only female in a race against males… I wonder what he’ll make of this? No, I’m NOT the one trying to turn this into politics… HE started it.

Other two problems are commercials…

Visa… okay people… I hate writing checks too, and I love my Visa check card… but can we quit pretending that the world revolves around how quickly we can purchase things and that a pause in the purchasing process purloins the pleasure of purveying provisions? WHEW! That was fun.

Whatever jewelry store with the guy that told his wife he didn’t really need to see that game and had instead washed her froofy dog specially for her then said “Because you’re not this guy” you’ll buy our diamonds to make her day special. Yeah, I’d rather have a guy that will buy me a piece of jewelry that’s useless instead of being considerate and sacrificing something for me. I’m not sure about every other woman, but I’m pretty sure I’d be suspicious of any jewelry after I saw that commercial.

“What? Are you not wanting to be sacrificial and considerate? You would rather trade a ton of money for jewelry than skip a game to spend time with me? Am I that repulsive?”

Okay, maybe that would be a tad oversensitive, but come on!! What exactly is that commercial trying to tell us??

But despite this, I’m thinking… it’s after May 1. Not only does that mean we need to bust out the big tools and finish planting (no… even after adding several row plants like onions, lettuce, okra, 2 cherry bushes, 2 apricot trees and a bed of asparagus… we’re still not done. We have tomatoes, peppers, and green beans to go in yet. Oh…. and MOST of our vine stuff hasn’t been placed yet. Maybe we’ll need more pasture after all.)

IT ALSO means that a riding stable I contacted a month ago is starting their summer trail rides. I wonder if I can con my husband into thinking that riding is as much fun as bowling for future date night…. hmmm… he didn’t win any riding trophies as a kid like he did for bowling and he doesn’t own the riding equipment but DOES own bowling shoes and his own ball. I might have to do some talking.

Maybe I’ll bribe him diamonds or promise not to ever write a check while we’re shopping.

According to the commercials… that’s the way to go.