When I was a teenager I saw this movie about my then Bible hero Joseph.  I had always loved Joseph.  He rocked my world.  So anyway… I watch this movie that is pretty true to the story (I like it when that happens) and am riveted.  Not just because the movie was well done or because the script was decent, but because Joseph was… NORMAL.
They took my Bible hero and gave him frustration.  Anger.  Fear.  Discouragement.  Even a little self-righteousness.
Huh.  What do you know?
Since then, whenever I read the Old or New Testament I wonder about that.  I had always pictured saints as… well… saints.
Before, I saw Abraham bowing his head solemnly before God and saying… “Whatever you tell me, my Lord, I will do.  Honey, pack up.  We have a mission from God.” and then stoicallly (Is THAT how you make “stoic” an adverb) go about the preparations with an otherworldly calm and sense of purpose.  No fuss.  No muss.  He didn’t step in any camel pies in the preparation.  Everything was proper and prim. 
But now, whenever I read about Abraham leaving town to follow God’s “go where I send you” I wonder if there is anything left out there.  Did Abraham have a long discussion with himself saying “Do I really trust God THAT much?  Do I need to rotate my camel hooves before I leave? How on earth do I explain this to my wife right after she’s just redecorated the tent and landscaped our sand??  MAN!!! {shaking his foot} I hate it when I step in that!  Where’s my pooper scooper!”
Or how about Noah.  Sure… he was upright.  But was he also ‘normal’?   I wonder if he tried to hide his building project behind their pet brontosaurous to keep from getting mocked by the neighbors quite so soon.  Did he try to pass off his calling as “just an experiment guys… you know… testing the ‘if you build it, it will come’ theory that we talked about last week”
And Abel.   Was he normal?  I mean, did he fight with Cain before the historic duel to the death?  Maybe over something as insignificant as “quit hiding grain in my camel hair shirt so the sheep trample me, or I’ll dig up your seeds and let the birds eat ’em!”  Do you suppose that he tripped on a rock or was irritable with his father the day before he offered his sacrifice?
And that group of David’s men when they were chasing an army that had just stolen their families and goods and they got tired and told David that they couldn’t go on.  Wait.  These guys were obviously normal.  I like the part when the rest of the guys after winning the battle and escorting the goods and the women and children back to the worn out ‘slackers’ tell them… “Hey, you can have your women and children… I mean your kids are brats and your wife nags, but… we’re keeping your gold and tents and stuff because you didn’t do the work.”  See… even the heroes of the story are normal in their ‘all for me-ism’.
(I hope you recognized BEFORE now that the Biblical stuff is paraphrased and the rest is just me.)
David made them give it all back. 
He stood up for the normal guys. 
Maybe I’ll make David my new hero.