Those Usborne books are just incredibly educational. Consider that even though we have perused the "Sharks" book several times, I still have more to learn. Two lessons were taught me just this morning.

Lesson One: They REALLY need bracelets on their big teeth. (Consider this in the light of a cousin who wears braces to straighten his teeth… which are nowhere NEAR as messed up as a shark’s. Though, I suppose he could be concerned about the aesthetic appearance of the teeth, in which case bracelets might be what he meant.)

Lesson Two:

the dialogue version

"What if I were to swim with a shark?" (like that diver)

Knowing my son’s thurst for adventure I answer "It might EAT YOU!"

To which the undaunted soul replies "Well, I would spit at it, and it would be scared of me and run away."

Summary: Human spit is something fearsome to the shark community. Spitting is a possible and distinguishable act even if you are underwater with a snorkel in your mouth.