It hits every spring… a few are immune, but like gambling tendencies… those of us that get hit with it are hit hard.

Between my mother, my sister, her spouse, myself and our collective kids we have planted the following:

1 apple tree

2 peach trees

1 cherry tree

100 lbs of potatoes (not cut into fourths like most people do… oh no!… we planted each and every eye in that 100 pounds… and that only took a third of our ginormous potato patch!)

4 rows (2-3 packets) each of pod peas and sugar snap peas

2 rows each of carrots and turnips

18 spaghetti squash and an unknown quantity of watermelon, cantalope, butternut squash, zucchini, pumpkin and perhaps another squash that I just don’t remember. (The unknown quantities and mystery squash is my fault, I confess! I don’t mark the seeds I start. I guess I figure that by harvest time, we’ll have it figured out.)

18 Kohlrabi plants (What in the world is kohlrabi??? I don’t know and I’m the one starting them!)

We have yet to add our enormous quantities of bean rows, four apricot trees, tomato plants (for the life of us we can’t get the stupid little seeds to grow, so we’ll cave and buy the seedlings like we always do), peppers (ditto), garden huckleberry, ground cherry, vine peach, kiwi, asparagus and some other things that I just can’t remember. I guess it’s a good thing that the potatoes didn’t take up the entire potato patch or mom will have to mow down more of her pasture to make room for our garden! (yes.. I said "more of her pasture")

And I have four large packets of corn that I’m supposed to plant in my patch here at home.  Plus whatever my sister has planted in her home slice.  (I know that’s not what it means, but it fit there and made me sound cool so shush!)

The planning and planting is all such fun… and according to my sore thighs, it’s good for me too.

My only question is…

Who’s going to WEED this mess when the joy of planting wears off and we’re facing the heat and mosquitoes of August!!!