This (Saturday) was the day I’ve been wishing for since Tuesday, the day my life melded into a seamless day/night of fussy baby, cooped up children and an increasingly morose personality.

This day started by staying up too late the evening before, but enjoying every minute of it while my husband and I laughed and sat together.

This is the day we found a mother robin nesting on the drain pipe five feet from the deck and low enough for us to watch the babies grow. Above this same deck and under an eve so the babies are hidden from are view, Austin and Mrs. Austin have built their nest too. I am so excited for my kids to experience the science of nature and see first-hand what we read about in our books. I’m so excited to teach them the verse about God watching over sparrows in a meaningful context. If only we had quick access to the temporary ‘geese and duck pond’ in our neighboring corn field… it will dry up soon enough anyway and until then, we enjoy watching them swoop in and take off.

This is the day we spent an hour or so ‘digging’ in our bagged soil and replanting our soon-to-be-root bound seedlings, the day we worked together on something that was fun and productive and will have lasting entertainment value… hey, for toddler/preschoolers a watering can is all the entertainment you need. The day I watched my children cooperate and enjoy one another’s company without any coaxing from the mom-stands.

This is they day they all napped at the same time and allowed me to do the same.

This is the day we spent outside, picking out and planting fruit trees, watching the kids use their shovel for the first time to dig and then refill the holes as we placed brand new budded branches into the earth opposite the old hoary head of the existing apple tree and the half dead branches of the plum tree. This is the day we found the baby ducks, geese and chickens at Bomgaars and watched my daughter reach both of her short arms down and say "Come here!! Come here!!" as they fled for -they thought- their lives. (They make the sides of those bins higher than her reach for a reason.) This is the day my sister and I commiserated over our shared desire for a place where when we find plants, fowl, mammals, etc,. we can say "Let’s get three, we’ll put them _____" and alongside our children enhance our work ethic and our understanding of this new-to-us creation and the requirements of being in dominion over it.

This is the day my baby woke up at the right times, ate at the right times, played happily at the right times and went to sleep at the right times. Any day he’s on schedule, life is better.

This is the day my three children rebounded from yet another ‘mystery fever’ that lasts a few days is accompanied by the mildest of cold/flu symptoms and is JUST severe enough to make them crabby but NOT QUITE severe enough to make them lethargic.

This is the day they played with cousins and got filthily dirty in grandma’s sand pile.

This is also the day they took their first shower at Grandma’s and ENJOYED it. (Hopefully this will cause them greater bravery in the arena of our own ‘boxed in’ shower, which they’ve feared.)

This is the day my daughter looks at me and says "Can I go in the BIG pool." after pulling her shorts and tank top on (anything without arms and legs MUST be a swimsuit, right?) and my son asks "Where’s the hole?" and starts removing his shorts to try again, because even though we’ve got both legs in and they are all the way up, his legs still aren’t covered. This is the day I forestalled the ‘felt need’ for socks (they are a requirement even in ‘footie’ pajamas!) in my three year old by explaining that we don’t wear them in the summer. (That much less sock washing/pairing for me later… for that matter, all of the laundry chores will be condensed due to lack of layers and ‘smaller’ clothing!!! – Hoo-ha, master sergeant sir! – I know it doesn’t fit, but it’s such fun to say… go on, try it!! See?? Fun, huh?)

This is the day we spent out of the house… which not only means a simple change of scenery, but also less nagging over pick-up and fewer battles in general. Instead, we learned how to clean our tools off with the help of the sand pile, how to put down our candy and help others pick up crayons before finishing our treats, how to eat neatly when sitting on Grandma’s floor and that we bring our plates back when we’re done. New things, no battles.

As a side thought, even when we battle on days like today, they are NEW battles over NEW turf that I am not yet tired of fighting for. Even those of you with compliant children know the thrill of teaching and training something new. New battles are refreshing. It’s the old battles. Hills we’ve already fought and won and nearly died on only to be beaten back to regain the SAME ground again until you’re ready to plant it in cactus and sell it to someone in Texas. Just ship the whole topsoil off. Use FedEx or UPS or USPS, I don’t care! Get rid of the ground! Be gone, I say!! We’ve had those days this week, but that wasn’t the kind of day we had today…

This is the day that we admired the moon on our way to the van and teamed up to kill the nasty mosquitoes that entered the vehicle without our permission and were waiting to "gulp" us.

This is the day that all three angels (no mental quote marks today) ran into the house, got their drinks, and set off for their beds. To their credit, they are usually pretty easy in this area, but tonight there was no flaw in the entire process despite it being two hours past bedtime. No arguing, no grumping, no whining, no pestering each other. In fact, Orion entertained Asa while I readied Lithany for her pillow. Lithany acquiesced sweetly to all my requests. Asa fussed only a bit in the pre-bed stage due to missing his last nap of the day (he’s slowly outgrowing that one) and when laid in his bed, settled in instantly.

This after a day where he played by himself on the floor for hours. (not necessarily consecutive.. well, at one point it was over an hour… so…). He napped like an angel today. He ate well today. He did everything to his normal standard of "This is the easiest baby to care for in the known world." What a change from the sobbing child we’ve been visited with the rest of this week.

So now, all that’s left is…

Thank you, God. Thank you for THIS day. And now that I’m on the other side of them, I can thank you whole-heartedly for the days leading up to today… the same ones I complained through… because they are what made this one all the more enjoyable.