Alright, my kids are finally settling into a routine sleeping schedule. It helps to steel yourself and get them up every morning at the same time, but I’ve always been a fan of letting sleeping children lie… as long as possible… at any time…

They’re getting up at the same time-ish. Going down at the same time-ish.

So am I.

The trouble is my ‘ish’ times are not working out so well. I woke to feed Asa, heard the expected patter of little toenails (maybe I should clip those?) in the hallway, fed them all and felt REAL good for about two hours. Then I began reeling like a drunken monkey. Not a monkey ACTING drunk… we’re talking the real thing.

No Frappuchino in the house. No more leftover doubleshot from when Matt’s folks were here.

I was DYING.

So I did what every good mother does when she doesn’t want to be guilty of negligence by lying comatose while her children are at play.

I called my dear, happily playing persons in off of the swingset where they were enjoying healthy active fun and sat them in front of the TV for two hours while I slept on the other side of the folded out futon.

At one point, Lithany was worried I was missing the show.

Then someone knocked on our door.

I wake up just in time to think, "Yeah. I’m going to answer the door reeling like a drunken monkey with a very bad, uncombed hair day." and go back to sleep. Rude.

Then Lithany got worried again.

Then Orion decided they needed TV snacks. Hmm… I wonder why, since it’s lunchtime.

But in the midst of all the interruptions, I probably clocked a good hour of sleep… albeit interrupted. That ought to keep me jumping and jiving until naptime. If not, I think there are coffee-bags {you know… the ones that "steep" in hot water in a cup… as opposed to the other coffee bags that hold coffee ground to be steeped via a coffee-maker, I’m sure it was important to someone in the world that I clarify that} in the cupboard. I bet I could slit those puppies open and mix it in melted chocolate chips.

Which leads to the mind shattering thought… {gasp}… maybe it’s the COFFEE that’s messing with my sleep patterns!!! No way!

In other news, maybe we should do studies on the effect of coffee on infants. Asa has done nothing but "uh-huh-uh" sounds since he was born. Mix in higher pitched "Uh’s" for squealing and lower-pitched "uh-uh-uh-uh’s" for laughing – yeah, his laugh has always been… different- and that has been the range of his vocal efforts. Well, once in awhile we hear "AAAAAh’s" when his siblings amuse him. Why THEY rate a different vowel and I don’t…. not that I’m envious. Can’t he at least use an "O" sound when I enter the room??? I ask you?!?!

Last night at about midnight, he expanded his repertoire. He can now…. wait for it!!… HUM. He also enjoyed blowing air as if he were going to whistle any minute. It sounds a little like a didgeridoo. I can see the Guinness book of world records now.

"Speech impaired child that whistled at 5 months – vocal patterns recognized by those studying the African clicking language." .. well, I guess the didgeridoo is Australian, but…

That’s all right. I think my kids were born to be strange noise makers. Orion and I used to "MMM Hmmm.." to each other while he was heading for dream land and Lithany made a noise when she slept that for all the world sounded like a Nintendo game (she’s always been a daddy’s girl)… I kept wanting to grab a controller, because it’s the kind of sound that tells you something is shooting at you or that the green warrior is about to die – the pitch-sliding-to-a-higher-note-type warning sound. Maybe she was going for the sound they use in movies when you push a button you’re not supposed to have touched and suddenly find yourself sending nuclear warheads into the heart of Iceland. "whoooup, whoooup"

Well, it’s ‘ish’-time. I don’t want to lose any more neurons from lack of sleep, so…