Have you ever had an important relationship that consisted primarily of surface issues??

It’s like you’re picking ice off the top of your stone cold coffees and trying to make do.

I can’t decide if I should…

Learn to enjoy coffee-sicles

Be content with where it’s at and limit any future relationships to beverages that are actually designed to be cold

Try to find a way to get the coffee to the right temperature.


New weird analogy:

You know, I don’t really MIND being a shoe. I have a close attachment to shoes I like as evidenced by the blatthering below.  People can have a good relationship with their shoes. I will flatter myself that I have served many a term as a shoe for various people. The thing is, even people that love their shoes, don’t take them everywhere. They don’t set them on the table while they read the paper or carry them with them to places that don’t require shoes. You don’t see a person’s favorite shoes lined up at the side of the swimming pool waiting for them. No… shoes are a relationship of need. If you need the pair of shoes you like, you spend time with them and appreciate them.

But being a shoe isn’t as desirable as being coffee. Coffee goes with you everywhere. You have it on hand and express your appreciation for it all day throughout the day by sipping it or smelling it.  It’s not that you DON’T need the coffee. You may still have times that you REALLY NEED the coffee, but you also ENJOY the coffee even when you don’t need it. Unlike the shoe. Shoes you enjoy and love only when they are needed.

One other difference is that people are often defined by their coffee (where’s your coffee today??  Have you had your cofee yet??) Whereas you almost never hear a person say "Where’s your blue leather pumps?"  Or cheetah stripe things or whatever.  Lack of coffee is sometimes the source of a bad attitude… the presence of some shoes is the source of a bad attitude.  Hmmm…. being coffee is becoming more and more desireable.

Like I said, I have nothing against being a shoe. It’s an okay place to be.

My biggest problem is trying to figure out:

A) Is my desire for a coffee relationship a good desire or simply malcontentment with a perfectly good shoe relationship?

B) If my desire for a coffee relationship is a good desire… how in the world do you perform the switch between shoe and coffee? I’m pretty sure the other person would notice.

C) Will I ever be able to address serious issues without kooky analogies?

D) As a current non-coffee drinker, am I allowed to use coffee in analogies?