If it weren’t for the fact that this blog is a good way for my husband to know what goes on while he’s at work, I’d say I were a blog-a-holic.  This would be more acceptable if I had wonderful, exciting, entertaining things to blog about, but I’m one of those stay-at-home moms one of those society pariahs…  (You got me… I only added that last part because I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY wanted to use the word pariah!).  What is pretty much the only thing that SAHM’s think about, deal with, and blog about?? What is the only topic they can discuss in public?
Their kids. 
For those of you who have slightly more varied lives, forgive me.  Perhaps I will blog about my dog later.  And someday, my children will be grown up and I’ll blog about paint peeling, jeopardy, and my pet rat fido, but for now…

Can I PLEEEEASE get a toddler sitter??

Tonight Matt wasn’t here to carry Asa up to his bed, so it was my turn to accidentally discover what my darling daughter was up to. Self-induced ignorance is my favorite parenting policy once my children are confined to a room for sleep purposes. One of these days I will just have to post myself at her doorway and discipline for leaving her bed. At one point, I did sit in the rocking chair in her room and play sentry. The thing is, that after a week of spending an hour or more (usually more) in her room doing this, I spent one night downstairs caring for Asa and found that if she were allowed to traipse about the room and sing to herself, she went to bed on her own after about 20 minutes. Some nights. Other nights she would dance and sing and such for an hour or two, but at least I didn’t have to be involved and could pursue other things like, caring for the baby, finishing up dishes or laundry, eating chocolate and reading.

Guess which one I was most excited about? So, let the traipsing and singing commence!!! Aha!

Lazy parenting, I know.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, but she was clothed. {I’ve given up on blanket sleepers. She doesn’t have the same desire to remove pull-on items as she does zipper ones/ Maybe it’s the feet, she’s always been touchy about her feet when she wasn’t using them to hold her bottle or help play with a toy. Now ask why I didn’t think of that and just send her to bed in her clothes when she first discovered the wonders of her zipper front PJ’s instead of messing with safety pins… I don’t know, because I’m not that smart, I guess.  Time to retire and buy a pet rat.}

She was also not in her room.

She was in my room, or rather exiting via the doorway with one of Asa’s suckers in her mouth. As soon as she saw the jig was up, she rushed back over the gate (top still pressured into the doorway, but bottom kicked out  -pressure gates can only hold up to so much toddler, you know-   and top laying… still stuck in the doorway as it should be… but flat against the floor and useless… as the use for gates goes, I mean.)

So…. who wants to come over and spend two or three hours every night for the next 2 months helping me train the little darling to stay in her bed???? 

"Not I" said the little darling’s mother.  "Not I" said the readers. Sure, but I’ll bet you want to help eat the bread when it’s done!!! 

I have no IDEA where I was going with that.