So… I met with someone far wiser than I the other day and because there are so many times when wisdom, yea, even common sense eludes me (I’m all tingly from the use of "Yea"), I determined to record it somewhere that I might bring the knowledge I gained to mind on such future days.

*Mary’s and Martha’s: It is okay to be Mary (not to exclude that it is also okay to be a Martha, if your name is Guinivere, I can’t help you!) but it isn’t terribly God honoring to wish you were the other. Especially if this desire makes you crabby and causes debilitating effects on things you need to get done.

*Being unhappy with who you are or who you aren’t or what your giftings are or aren’t will probably cause the majority of the crabbiness you exude to others.

  -subpoint: "Others" won’t be too thrilled about the crabbiness no matter what the source is.

*Being UN inclined to do things that need done gives you the unique opportunity to say "God, I am doing this in obedience to you.  Here is a gift I can offer." that the people you tend to envy who do said things effortlessly and without a thought don’t have. Trying to be the people who can do said things without a qualm or feeling guilty because you don’t naturally have a bent to doing said things will only end in crabbing which is not God honoring.

*High expectations (if they are godly and not idols) are acceptable. The expectation that you will meet all those high expectations each day is… well… loony and causes crabbing. (This was a big relief.  While unwilling to release my high expectations in general, it isn’t as hard to release the expectation of meeting them.  For those of you who don’t understand that… well, you’re probably sane-er than I am.)

*Parenting for selfish reasons is a no-no. Parenting the heart is the important thing. (okay, this wasn’t a new revelation, but I needed to hear it that day and will need to hear it again). Parenting for selfish reasons causes you to crab instead of or at least during discipline.

*Room time is infinitely better than crabbing. Hmm… how many of you have guessed that I have lately been…umm… crabby?

*French is NOT as icky a language as I thought (hey! I used ‘yea’ earlier, I can use a less fancy word like ‘icky’ once in a while).

Alright, so the last one I didn’t learn from my meeting, but I did decide that last night. I’ve spent many years thinking that no one could possibly enjoy French with all it’s Froo froo bon bon fluffiness, but there are several French phrases in the book I am reading and I have, thus, developed a small affection for it’s prevalence of "x"’s and "z’s". (see, I’m back to words like "thus"… ‘icky’ was a temporary lapse)

There were other things spoken of that were helpful, but I think I’ll start on these. So here is the first of my new week’s resolutions:

1) When wondering what to do this week, I will leave others accomplishments and tendencies out of the equation… No more what would _______do/think/say? Because I’m not __________. Not only is "_________" skinnier than I am, but we’re geometrically different. As one example, I’m three dimensional while ___________exists only on two planes. I will also not feel guilty at the end of the day for not accomplishing as much as ________… Let’s face it, _____________ excels at things that are not my strengths, like posture, for example. See how straight _________ is? In daily situations, I am going to try to figure out what I do (included in that is the pious sounding "what God would have me do", but it sounded a little to cliché).

So off I go to use fancy words and maybe look up some French phrases on babel fish.  The only French I know is a quote from Braveheart.  It follows something in Latin similar to "Yo nuncum pronunciam un imbaciem pero indomitus est" which means "I never lie, but I am savage" and is followed up by "o en francais si vu prefere" which means "or in French if you prefer."  (I speak, read and write none of these, so forgive what is sure to be atrocious spelling if you are multi-lingual.)  Which just goes to show another advantage I have over _______.  ______ could never remember movie lines learned in High School ________.  For that matter, neither can —————- even though ——- s taller than __________  Okay, I’m done.  Sorry you suffered through that.