We got up and checked on our Easter story cookies. Orion didn’t like them. He decided to use them to ‘make sprinkles instead. Lithany enjoyed hers, but next year I will have to remember to check our Easter story cookies BEFORE dressing them for Sunday. We got to church on time for a very nice change and my children made me proud as they both listened to the music and then the sermon. My three year old turned to me and whispered "He’s talking about Nicodemus!" which was accurate… then added "He’s talking about Solomon" in which case he was either confused, making stuff up, or talking to a mom who didn’t hear that part while dealing with his siblings. And my fidgety, flighty daughter sat quietly and sweetly for all but the last ten minutes, which were spent murmuring things like "I love God!" and "Do you remember that story?" Great things to say if they’re meant and timed appropriately… but in this case it was mere repetition and striving for attention. Hmmm. I don’t know anybody else that looks exactly like her that does that on occasion. We managed to hand off some of the Easter baskets we’d put together and started home after receiving a bumper sticker joke in response to the fact that I had apparently chosen an outfit that made me look wide, (Maybe that’s why my husband doesn’t take me too seriously when I say things like "You can’t possibly wear those pants with that shirt!").

We arrived home to a roast that was not even half done, despite cooking for an adequate number of hours. Fortunately, my mother was coming to dinner. She ran home for some ham steak and additional ‘leftovers’ from our last hoo-ha that were already cooked and could simply be heated for our main course. She also brought a salad. I invited her to breakfast tomorrow, too. I thought she might bring pancakes.

All turned out well thanks to the combined efforts of our mothers who worked while I read Jane Eyre… I mean fed Asa while laying on my bed. No, I really did feed Asa… Really. Either way, I think I’ll have them move in with me. He had his first solid food today and the grandma’s were delighted with how well he did. He’s starting on a cup also. They grow up so very fast.

We then turned to napping. This lasted -en concert- from 2 to 6pm. I’d like that to happen everyday, even if it DOES mean that my children will likely not go to sleep

A few hours ago, my daughter was climbing atop her ride on toy next to Grandpa saying "I’m a GIANT!" and then jumping at him to be tickled, while my son recited Asa’s Bible to his Grandma whenever she paused. Asa was busy sitting on my lap and learning hand eye coordination by sticking his fingers into my mouth. Good times. My kids love their grandparents. Having Grandpa here this weekend was an extra special treat. Asa watched him until he was just about a pretzel while I dressed him this morning. Lithany thinks he’s the best playmate. I think she’ll grow closer to him as she grows up. I hope so. It’s a precious thing to watch your kids get built into by others.

Bedtime was chaos and didn’t happen until 10. I almost told them we were waiting up for dad since they’d only gotten up at 6, but decided I wasn’t patient enough and they weren’t obedient enough for that. It would’ve been fun and I look forward to when they are old enough for it.

Over all, the day was very much like our Easter Story cookies.. Lots of bland and a little yucky stuff plus a lot of sugar that when mixed together yielded a pleasing result.

Now to shop for bumper stickers. The only one I can think of at the moment is "Grow your own dope: Plant a MAN!"