My husband told me he quit his job. Yeah, it sounds scary, but it’s a happy thing. This has been in the works since he started job hunting in January (with full knowledge of his current employer). Actually, it’s probably been in the works since he started managing 6 months ago. He’s given his all to making this work, and while he’s improved… while he’s learned… while he’s probably grown, 6 months of watching my responsible, "nothing bugs this guy" man struggle to be cheerful and have to put monumental effort forth in order to manufacture the desire to even GO to work is plenty to see that this is not an environment his spirit is thriving in.

Any concerns I may have had about this -I am a worrywart by nature, after all- were swallowed by the sound of happiness in his voice as he reported his decision. Besides that, he’s never let us down! This morning, any shreds of unease with his change in employment are permanently banished when I see him rise two hours before he would have to get ready for his old/new job: not only UP, but cheerful, industrious, full of energy… and smiling a natural smile. Comparing this to a morning before he quit management: his feet dragging no matter how much sleep he got, his smile forced and tired… his life consisting of working and trying to forget that he had to return again the next day… At this point, I can gladly say that this is a good move. Great even. 

Besides… with all that industrious energy, he helped tune up our dishwasher so it will clean my dishes again. Can’t say "boo" about that! =)

My husband is awesome.