Okay, so after weeks and weeks of sharing colds and dealing with other relatively minor (except once in Orion’s case, moderate) illnesses, we now have influenza. I have thank you’s of yesteryear that need written, housecleaning to do and various other tasks to attend to, but instead, I’m making and consuming more bread and then, for some reason adding a pointless blog entry.

When you don’t have an appetite and then get hungry for a particular thing you will expend however much energy you have to in order to obtain that one thing if it’s possible. Suddenly, I’m reminding of Rapunzel and that mother that wanted, what, cabbage? Something really random and not nearly as tasty as bread from the witch’s neighboring garden. I think I could perhaps identify now… though I doubt I’d give up a future offspring in order to get my "pistachio ring" (incidentally, we didn’t have pistachios… what is it now? A non-pistachio ring?  Either way.. good.)

Anyway, in about 2.3 seconds the relative peace of this corner will be no more… ooops, wrong. 1.2 seconds. Back I go to the fray buoyed on the wings of freshly baked goods and the knowledge that even when they are sick, my kids are SO awesome… a bit whinier perhaps, but awesome, nonetheless.