I’ve made my first foray into the most common art of suzy homemaking… and I’m not sure I passed.
Yeast breads are TONS of fun to make, but if you leave out a step (like cutting slits in your walnut filled coffee cakes, for example) you end up with four crescent shaped coffee cakes that are doughy in the middle and nothing to take to Bible STudy the next day.  Fortunately, my mom’s a stellar cook/baker/seamstress extraordinaire and baked a cherry something that I took instead.  After 40 or so minutes in the oven wrapped in aluminum foil with slits cut down into the dough, we have a messy, but edible (delicious-even) coffee-cake for us to eat.  I have to confess that the chocolate braid turned out better.  For a first and second try, I should have perhaps gone with simple items, but who wants to learn to do the easy sutff, anyway??? =)